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Environmental Group

Our ‘Enviro' club is a dynamic group of volunteer children from  K-6 lead by our senior students with the guidance of staff. The  program continues to evolve as changes occur in our school setting and activities are designed to include the improvement of the school grounds, propagate and grow vegetables from seedlings for our gardens and to promote sustainability within the school community.

In 2017 our ‘Enviro' Leaders have been identifying areas of the school that could be improved environmentally and make a difference within the school culture. Litter was the major problem identified and the group are in the process of creating peer support lessons to inform everyone who shares the schoolyard the importance of doing the right thing and putting their litter in the bin.

The lessons will be presented by our proactive leadership group on a fortnightly basis building positive attitudes towards having an impact on the problem.

Our ‘Enviro' students are very passionate about their school and feel involving all children can help make a difference.

Woodies get M.A.D.

( Make a Difference )