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As part of the teaching of English component at Woodland Road Public School, students in K-2 participate in L3 (Language, Learning and Literacy) whilst students in Years 3-6 engage in Daily 5 activities. These structures allow students to read and write daily supported through; explicit instruction from teachers, question stems allowing students to form their opinion giving effective feedback and students working at their own level with teacher support and extension as needed. Students have a learning intention and success criteria for each literacy block.

Students are involved in daily modelled, guided and independent activities in spelling, grammar, reading and viewing, writing and representing. Students enjoy sharing their achievements with other teachers, peers, participating in extension activities, writer's awards and competitions.

Woodland Road Public School is focussed on developing creative, literate students who are able to compose, review and represent ideas and compare those of others.



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Writer's Awards

Each fortnight students' who are excelling in writing receive a special award at our whole school assembly. One student is selected to keep the trophy in their classroom and work is published in our school newsletter.


Term 2 Week 3 WinnerTerm 2 Week 5 Winnerwriters award
writers award
writers award
writers award


writers award










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