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Musical activities through band have been offered at our school since 1992.  Band members develop skills, leading to growth in physical co-ordination, timing, memory, visual, aural and language skills. As the students increase their command of music and exercise musical skills in the company of others, they gain important experiences with self-paced learning, mental concentration and social awareness. More importantly, music is a gift that will last a lifetime, socially and creatively.

In 2017 our band was restructured to accommodate the needs of children without any financial burden.

Interested students have been grouped into instrumental sections with tuition being provided through the expertise of staff members who also have a passion for music.

The students attend tutorials once a week.

Outcomes covered include:

  • Development of self and group discipline including punctuality, teamwork, leadership, self-esteem and rehearsal skills
  • Constant development of skills including playing techniques, intonation, sight-reading, singing, rhythm, pitch, sound quality
    and listening
  • Understanding music vocabulary
  • Instrument care and knowledge

    The Band has been a feature of our school over the years and continues to be a valued extra-curricular opportunity for students.






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